Relationships in Burma (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I started writing about how people engage and perceive relationships in Burma within the young adulthood setting, drawing an example from my own personal life, seeing my brother currently in a relationship. The main point I concluded was that developing trust and a loving bond takes time and every … Continue reading Relationships in Burma (Part 2)


Disenchant (A Thought on Happiness) 

Happiness is neither something we defer to the future, or a state of detachment from the real world and its difficulties, nor should it be an idealization of ourselves.  It is when life throws challenges at us, we look right back at life in defiance. It is the resolution that despite our problems, or rather … Continue reading Disenchant (A Thought on Happiness) 

Relationships in Burma (Part 1)

In my last posts, I wrote about some of my thoughts on perceptions of skin color in the wider Burmese community. Today, I'll write about dating and embedded gender roles in relationships, especially in the context of Burmese culture and frame of thinking. Once again, many thanks for stopping by! I don't have to go … Continue reading Relationships in Burma (Part 1)


Melanin and Confidence (Part 2)

In my first post, I've pondered on where our desire for fair skin comes from in Asian societies, which ended on my finding whitening deodorant at the grocery store. Here, I continue on the effects this product has on my culture and I conclude my post with a poem that encapsulates what I said (and … Continue reading Melanin and Confidence (Part 2)


Melanin and Confidence (Part 1)

The desire for fair skin or the existence of a billion-dollar industry in skin whitening in Asia isn't new or striking, and this influences every Asian culture, from East Asian societies, like Chinese; to South Asian societies, like Indian; to everyone else in between: Southeast Asian societies, like Burmese (that's me!). However, it's only after … Continue reading Melanin and Confidence (Part 1)