Autobiography of Red (Hello!)

Hi! My name’s Wunna, born and raised in Burma/Myanmar. I’m 22 now and my favorite color is red. I’ve recently graduated with a degree in math and I just got back home from my studies in the US. Here, I’ll share with you my triumphs and tribulations of post-college life, basically, adulthood.

However, I’d like to preface with a disclaimer. If you’re hearing about my country for the first time through me, then please note that I am not writing a travel blog. I am writing about my own experiences, for example, dealing with cultural readjustment or being a sexual minority; but I will try my best to introduce and include context so that I can communicate to you well!

I would also use this space to experiment with some poetic techniques as I aspire to write poetry later. At this point my writing generally is shit but I’m hoping it gets better through more practice!

My main point is that through my honesty with my experiences I hope you learn more about me and maybe even about yourself!

Mingalabar! (‘Welcome!’)




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